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Interac® Purchases

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How does an Interac® Interac e-Transfer work?

Sending an Interac® e-Transfer is easy!

  • Goto the Interac® payment option on your bank's website.
  • Enter "Christian Science Church" as the recipient (the blank is too small for our full name) and our email address ( to identify the church as the recipient.
  • Specify the amount of your purchase.
  • Indicate your name, phone number and the word "Purchase" in the Comments section of the Interac® form so that we can properly contact you about picking up your purchase.
  • (Unlike Interac® transfers to individuals, you do not have to specify a security question and answer. If your banking site requests that you supply a security question, go ahead. It will get stripped out later, no worries.))
  • An email notification will be automatically sent to the Reading Room.
  • You should get an immediate email response indicating that the amount of your purchase has been successfully deposited at First Church of Christ, Scientist, Toronto.

How secure is an Interac® e-Transfer?

Email / text messages are only used to notify the Reading Room that it have been sent a payment. The funds are not transferred through email or text, they are transferred through established banking channels that have been employed for years, like the method banks use for cashing cheques.

An Interac® e-Transfer will expire after 30 days. If, for any reason, the Reading Room has not accepted the transfer within 30 days, you will be notified that the payment has expired and will have the option to reclaim the funds.

Interac® and the Interac® logo are registered trade-marks of Interac Corp. Used under license.

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